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Lake Cibeureum– Tourist attractions in Bekasi has become a favorite location for cyclists around the community . On weekends , the area of Lake Cibeureum …


Telaga Warna, lake of colors,  is located in the Dieng plateau, Dieng is a plateau in Central Java, who entered the Festival and Wonosobo district. It lies to the west of Mount Sindoro complex and Mount Sumbing.


Marakas lake located in Pondok Ungu, Bekasi Utara. These attractions become one of many families to spend the holiday weekend. In addition to enjoying the scenery of the lake, you can fish, tasting culinary row of stalls around or hunt for souvenirs. To get into the tourist attractions in Bekasi, no charge.


Taman Kota Bekasi is located in Jalan Veteran, East Bekasi, exactly between Al-Barkah Great Mosque and Hospital Bekasi. Strategic location makes Taman Kota Bekasi lot of visitors, as detikTravel see some time ago.


Pangandaran Nature Reserve is nearby on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow neck of land…